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Living your life to prove you matter or that you’re good enough is a waste of time.

You’re trying to complete something that’s already finished.

You’re 100% worthy exactly as you are.

You were born that way.

There’s not an imaginary ‘worthiness scorecard’ that goes up and down when you get a certain job or lose weight or when you make a mistake or bad decision.

When you know you’re inherently worthy, your story becomes less about what you NEED to do and more about what you WANT to do.

Think about it – your current life is only one version out of so many possibilities.

You get to decide and define your purpose.

And guess what? You can change your mind at any time.

No one knows how to live your life except for you.

So, do amazing things, not to prove you’re good enough, not for anyone else, but because it’s what YOU want.

What does living a ‘good life’ mean to you? Write down your answer.

What do you want that you haven’t grasped?

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