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This week, I reflected with clients on why so many of us suffer from imposter syndrome, anxiety, and low confidence.

But the question isn’t why do we, it’s how could we not?

From a young age, women are taught to:

• Prioritize other people’s wants and needs before their own
• Evaluate their worth based on what other people think of them
• Look for authority outside of themselves
• Seek approval

These internalized messages cloud our belief in ourselves.

We stop looking closely at what really matters to us and avoid our own truth.

Here’s the truth – the world needs the real YOU.

No one else has had your experiences, your relationships, your thoughts – the good, the bad, the different.

You are wildly unique, and so much more powerful than you know.

It’s time to stop defining yourself by what someone else thinks or says, or by your latest achievement.

We define ourselves by how we think about ourselves.

So, what’s true for you? What do you think about yourself?

My truth is that I’m an incredible coach who helps women live their best lives, not everyone else’s.

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