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It’s natural to care what other people think.

Humans are a tribal species; we instinctively crave connection and to be part of a group.

It’s why rejection can hurt so much. Your brain naturally interprets rejection as dangerous, even deadly. Intellectually, we know we’re not going to die, but emotionally it can feel very painful. 

The next time you feel rejected, thank your brain for working properly and trying to keep you safe, and then consider this – rejection doesn’t have to mean something about you.

Sometimes, it’s just not a good match, and that’s okay.

Do you like everyone you meet? Of course not. So, why do we expect everyone to like us?

Adults are allowed to say and think whatever they want.

You get to decide what you make their words and behavior mean and how you want to feel about it.

Their words, their actions have no power until you interpret them and give them meaning.

How can you interpret their opinions in a way that’s useful to you? 

How can you think in a way that helps you show up as your best self?

Next level: How can you find some truth in what they say and own it?

When you learn how to manage your emotional life internally, you stop giving people and external things power over your feelings. I can show you how.

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