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Want to know the best way to build up your tolerance for failure? Online dating.

It’s a lot of contact with judgment and rejection.

Here’s why that’s a good thing: If I want to live big and follow my dreams, I have to accept rejection without making it mean something bad about me.

When you fear rejection or failure, you keep your expectations low, you take fewer risks, and make similar choices year after year.

Instead, decide that no matter what happens, you’ll have your own back.

It’s learning to fail and still believe in yourself; it’s getting rejected and still believing in yourself; it’s trying again and believing. That’s self-confidence.

I approach dating like a learning activity – every experience is a way to get to know myself better.

Every swipe left and date is helping me narrow my focus, so when my person does come into my life, I’ll know it.

So, keep swiping and learning, ladies. And be certain about your amazingness.

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