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Have you ever tried to change how another adult behaves?

It’s frustrating because it doesn’t really work, right? If they would just do what we say, our lives would be so much easier, or would they?

We think our coworkers should be different, our parents should have raised us better, and our partner needs to stop doing that thing!

We have all these ‘shoulds’ for everyone around us and then make ourselves miserable when they don’t follow our rules.

Listen, most people will continue being who they naturally are.

That rule book we carry around for how other people should behave so we can feel better – it doesn’t work.

What if you dropped it, and let people be exactly who they are?

Focus on what you can control: yourself, your response, and making the best life you can.

• Who do you want to be as you go through this?
• What’s in your control? What’s not?
• What do you need to finally accept?

When you let people be who they naturally are, you build trust, become more curious about their perspective, and don’t take things personally.

If you’re ready to take control of your own life, let’s talk soon.

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