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Self-paced course: How to stop caring what people think

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Stop scrolling and tend to yourself for just a moment.

Allow your nervous system to relax by focusing on the here and now.

The more you can bring yourself to the present moment, the more you retrain your brain to stop spiraling or repeating past, unhelpful programming.

So, just for a moment, try not to worry or stress about the future.

Stop analyzing what happened in the past.

Let your thoughts pass by like cars on a road.

Take a deep breath.

Be right here, in this moment, right now.

Notice the sensations in your body.

Maybe one more breath.

Each time you return to the present moment, you are teaching yourself how to self-regulate.

Once you do, notice what’s in your control and what’s not.

And then, decide how you want to spend your time.

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