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The more you can love yourself ➔ the more you take care of yourself ➔ and the more you give back to people and causes authentically, without expecting anything in return.

My family and friends have noticed the shift, and they’re loving it. I am too.

Here’s the catch – you don’t only love your good parts.

I’ve learned to love my (many) mistakes; I love my setbacks and failures; I love my shortcomings; I love my bad decisions; I even love my pity parties – they’re pretty dramatic. I love it all because it’s 100% me.

Shame can’t tolerate love.

Everyone has stuff that’s not so great about them.

Show yourself some compassion. Allow yourself to be human.

The most meaningful connections and experiences in life begin with the relationship with yourself first.

Own who you are and learn to love all of you, so you can be free.

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