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When we’re mean to ourselves, there’s often no one to stand up for us. No one there to say, ‘hey, stop; you’re hurting her!’

Often our inner critic is so familiar that we don’t even notice how much it disempowers us.

The next time you hear that voice, that judgment that says, ‘you look terrible’ or ‘you’re embarrassing,’ or whatever it is, I want you to practice responding.

I want you to defend yourself.

Respond to that inner critic out loud if you can.

‘Hey, that hurts when you say I look terrible. It’s not okay to keep talking to me this way. You put me down, and that’s not okay.’

Let your inner critic know how you expect to be treated.

We must learn to stand up for ourselves, to ourselves, because it can turn into an inner abuse.

When you don’t respond to that voice, it becomes more and more familiar. You start believing its limiting stories and subconsciously repel what you want. You end up settling for a life smaller than what you’re capable of creating.

Stand up for your precious, intelligent, and beautiful self. Often, you’re the only one who can.

Witness what you say to yourself and respond.

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