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One of my biggest mental hurdles was believing I could start a business on my own. I worried about failing. I worried about only relying on myself. I wasn’t sure I was good enough.

Here’s the formula I’m using to make it happen:

1. Come up with a good idea (coaching biz)
2. Commit to it
3. Take action until you get the result you want

Sounds easy, right? It’s not…the process is painful. I fail all the time. My brain keeps screaming, let’s go back where it’s comfortable – on the couch, remember Netflix? Let’s go there!

But as I keep moving forward and creating and failing, I’m noticing how I’m changing the relationship with myself.

I’m trusting myself more; I’m honoring my commitments; I know the worst thing that can happen is a feeling; I know I’ll have my own back no matter what.

I’m starting to believe in myself unconditionally.

As hard as the whole process is, I’m enjoying it as much as the result itself.

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