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I’m learning to set better boundaries.

When I don’t, I start to feel resentful and tend to blame others for taking advantage or for not being considerate enough.

When setting boundaries, people or circumstances don’t have to change.

What changes is your response.

A boundary looks like this:

If _____________ then I will _______________.

Examples: If you smoke in the car, then I will get out of the vehicle. If you speak this way, I will leave the room.

Boundaries are for you – not against them.

They allow the other person to behave how they want while still being respectful of them and yourself.

Setting boundaries is a habit. It takes practice and may feel uncomfortable at first.

Start small and stay consistent.

Consider rehearsing what you’ll say, consider your timing, and try using more ‘I’ statements instead of ‘you.’

Boundaries allow me to maintain control over what I genuinely want from a place of love, intention, and empowerment.

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