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I used to find it nearly impossible to put my work out in the world that I thought was unfinished or not good enough.

Why? Bottom line: I was scared. Scared of being judged, scared of people thinking less of me.

Sometimes that fear affects the quality of my work or stops me from doing it at all.

Perfectionism ruins momentum. It can stall your growth and your possibilities.

I had to learn how to feel uncomfortable while being vulnerable.

It took practice – and still does.

You learn how to accept and allow your anxiety while still taking action toward the life you want.

Start with small, achievable goals. And follow-through.

I realized just because something feels bad doesn’t mean it’s wrong or that I’m in danger.

Growth is uncomfortable.

The more you can learn to accept and allow that discomfort, the more your life opens up.

You take more risks, you set more goals because you know the worst thing that can happen is a feeling. And you learn to always have your own back.

On the other side of discomfort is more self-trust, resilience, and confidence.

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