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This month, I’m one year without alcohol, and I’m not going back.

I could go on about all the benefits – deeper connections, more time to focus on things important to me, better sleep and skin. It has given me freedom.

But here’s what else happens – I feel all my feelings. That part sounds a little scary, right?

No one teaches us how to process our emotions, so we often turn to alcohol, social media, Netflix, and overeating to numb or escape them.

We use false pleasures to feel better.

When you take those buffers away, you start to feel stuff. It’s a challenging and powerful journey.

Here’s why it’s worth it – when you learn the skill of allowing and processing your emotions, you’re not afraid to feel.

✓ Stress
✓ Anxiety
✓ Boredom
✓ Grief
✓ Frustration
✓ Discomfort

Bring it.

If the worst thing that can happen to you is a feeling, and you know you can handle it, you’re unstoppable.

I’ll always have my own back.

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