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I’m practicing a ‘dare of the day’ – it requires me to get over a fear each day.

It might be going to a networking event, expressing myself creatively, speaking up in a meeting, sharing something vulnerable with friends, or taking a leap of faith.

We’re often taught to avoid ‘negative’ emotions like discomfort, rejection, and fear, but I think that’s a mistake that keeps us in a rinse-and-repeat cycle of life.

What if we were willing to experience those emotions without resistance?

We’d likely take more risks, make more decisions, and give up approval-seeking tendencies.

We’d know the worst thing that could happen is an uncomfortable feeling that we could handle.

I believe one of the secrets to self-confidence is a willingness to feel any emotion.

It takes practice.

So, what’s your dare of the day?

Try writing how you feel before and after you do it.

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