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My best friend is getting married next week, and I’m thinking a lot about love.

If I could choose any emotion to feel on a regular basis, it would be unconditional love.

Many people feel it for their children, their pets, their partners.

It’s deciding someone is 100% worthy and loveable no matter what. It’s powerful.

So why instead do we often choose to feel anger, disappointment, or frustration toward other people?

We set up these rules in our minds that other people should follow, and when they don’t, we ‘punish’ them by withholding love.

But we end up punishing ourselves.

Hate, fear, resentment – those emotions limit you.

Think about how differently you show up in life when feeling anger or resentment versus love.

Love is always available.

I’m purposely choosing love more and more – even for the driver going 10 miles below the speed limit this morning.

Why? Because when I allow people to be who they are, I get to feel love more often and then take action from that place.

My results improve when I choose love.

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