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Self-paced course: How to stop caring what people think

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How much of your current life is your idea?

Are you okay with that?

Do you know your favorite restaurant? Or where you most want to visit? Or your favorite activity?

If you have a tough time answering those questions, you may be stuck in a pattern of living for others.

It’s when you often feel obligated to do things, and it’s at your own expense.

Instead of following your actual desires, you make choices based on what others might think or how you believe your life ‘should’ be.

You spend more time trying to control other people’s experiences of you than understanding who you really are.

I’ve been there, and have designed a self-paced course just for you.

It’s for people who are ready to break unhelpful habits, engage with their lives again, and create futures they genuinely want.

It helps you care less about what other people think and more about your own life.

Learn more about the 5-step process that changed me forever here.

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