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Traveling through Europe always looks amazing on social media. And while I am loving the sights, sounds, and new connections, why doesn’t this trip make me feel amazing all of the time?

In fact, it’s been a mixed bag of high and low emotions and experiences.

That’s not only okay, it’s to be expected.

What’s different on this trip for me, though, is that I’m actively welcoming *all of it.*

Here’s what that inner dialogue can sound like:

• Of course, you’re feeling anxious; this is new.
• It’s okay. I’ve got you. You’re doing great.
• There’s nothing wrong with feeling x right now – what do you need?

I deliberately remove judgment from whatever I’m feeling in the moment. ️

We often add layers of shame on top of negative emotions – we think we shouldn’t feel bad (especially not on an amazing trip, or when we have such a good life, or when we already have so much to be grateful for) and that we’re somehow broken. Believing this only magnifies your suffering.

When you can stop feeling bad about feeling bad, you move through the feeling more quickly.

The negative emotion stops feeling wrong, and you see it for what it is: a normal part of being a human.

No matter where you are, life will always be a mixed bag of emotions.

And there’s no more important work than learning to accept and embrace it all, because you’re learning to accept and embrace all of YOU.

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