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I still crack up at this pic. That’s me at the first wedding I attended as an adult. Countless bouquets and lovely bridesmaid dresses later, I’m still not married.

What does that mean about me? Besides the fact that I have mad hops, not a whole lot – unless I make it mean something about me.

Life is not better married or single – it’s just different scenery. What matters most is what you think about your life.

What if, married or not, you believed that you are 100% loveable and worthy exactly how you are right now?

What if you stopped thinking about the way life is supposed to be, and started enjoying your life the way it is?

Our brains are programmed to look for the bad and judge – they’re wired for our survival, to keep us safe. So, it’s easier to think negatively about yourself than to love yourself on purpose.

It’s very courageous to love yourself unconditionally.

How can you decide right now that you belong in this world just as you are?

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