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I used to struggle with receiving negative feedback.

I’d either take it personally and think I was inherently flawed, or I’d defend, fight, and push the feedback away. I’d believe it was wrong and unfair.

Those reactions left me feeling powerless.

I’d get stuck in blame or victim mode and stop showing up as my best self.

Maintaining your power takes more courage.

The next time you receive tough feedback, don’t internalize or push it away; open up to it instead. Even when you think it’s wrong.

I realized it was my resistance to the feedback causing me pain, not the feedback itself.

You don’t have to agree with what the person said; you just have to accept it. Then, move on. That gives you authority over the feedback instead of allowing it to control you.

Most importantly, know you are 100% worthy just as you are, no matter what someone says.

We’re always learning and growing (that goes for bosses too)! But we can’t control what they do or say. All we can control is ourselves, our reactions, and what we put our attention toward.

Instead of making your life about how you think you’re entitled to be treated, take charge of your own emotions and make sure you’re thinking thoughts that serve you.
I can show you how.

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