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There’s relief when you open up to different perspectives.

A lot of our pain comes from an attachment to how we think the world should be — we carry around ‘rules’ for how other people should behave so we feel better.

The problem is people suck at behaving how we want them to.

We set ourselves up.

People will always be too loud, or too late, or too [fill in the blank].

We start gathering all this evidence to prove they’re the ones who are wrong or difficult.

But the truth is they’re not challenging.

We’re challenged by them.

And when you feel challenged, or frustrated, or hurt how do you show up in your life? How do you behave?

Be careful what you make things mean – for your own sake.

Get curious about other perspectives.

When we try to change or control other people, we suffer. Focus on managing your own life instead.

Regardless of how someone behaves, how do you want to show up?

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