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I could tell you the story of my past – about terrible things that happened to me, embarrassing mistakes I’ve made, and the people who’ve wronged me.

Or I could tell you the story of extraordinary obstacles I’ve overcome, lessons learned that generated strength and resilience, and people who’ve taught and prepared me for the future.

Same past, same people – different stories.

Your past is over. The only place your past exists now is in your mind.

Is the way you’re thinking about your past helpful or hurtful? Are you choosing to think about it as the victim or the hero?

If you’re the victim, your story is painful and keeps you spinning in regret and shame. If you’re the hero, your story is empowering and keeps you moving forward and creating.

I want you to learn and grow from your past, but you don’t have to define yourself by it.

Use your past in a way that serves your present.

How you think about your life determines the quality of your life. I can show you how to take what you need from your past and redirect all that energy toward your future – something you can affect now.

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