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It’s time we started calling BS on ourselves.

There’s a big difference between having thoughts and believing them.

These thoughts, for example, are total BS:

• ‘I’m a failure’ when I try something that doesn’t work out
• ‘I’m not good enough’ no matter how much I’ve achieved
• ‘I’m a unique mess’ and everyone else has it more together

If your best friend said these things to you, would you agree? Of course not. That’s one way to know when your brain is lying to you.

Your self-talk patterns aren’t just harmless observations; they’re the drivers of your emotional life.

They can paralyze and limit you or they can motivate you toward opportunities you haven’t even imagined.

Develop an inner BS detector for your own sake.

Start by writing down your thoughts about yourself and your life. View them with curiosity, not judgment.

To build better emotional health and wellbeing, we have to start by building a better relationship with ourselves.

Sometimes we need someone outside of our own minds to help us see things we can’t see ourselves.

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