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Confidence = I’m amazing and so are you.

Arrogance = I’m amazing and you’re not.

We often confuse confidence and arrogance.

Arrogance is different. It’s based in fear and insecurity.

It’s about proving you’re better than someone else to make yourself feel good in your own mind.

Criticizing or putting people down does not create sustainable confidence, and it typically projects what scares you the most.

Confidence is internal. Instead of worrying a lot about others and what they think or do, you choose to believe everyone is doing the best they can.

True confidence comes from your ability to trust yourself and believe in yourself no matter what happens outside of you.

It’s a muscle you build, and it’s worth putting in the work. It’s what I teach every day in my authentic confidence program.

If you’re questioning your ability or yourself, I can help you be certain of your amazingness.

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