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I’m having a tough time dropping my ego.

I’m confident about my coaching abilities, but my first month of Master Coach training has brought out that insidious voice that tells me I should be better.

I end up creating this unnecessary pressure on myself, which could lead to shame and hiding.

That’s the opposite of what I want. I signed on to learn and evolve – not to play small.

So, I decided to approach it differently.

When’s the last time you’ve allowed yourself to be a beginner at something?

Do you remember what that’s like?

• When you graciously accepted all feedback as a gift
• Approached things with a sense of playfulness and curiosity
• And stayed open to all the possibilities

Even if it’s something you’ve been practicing for years, it’s possible to reclaim that beginner enthusiasm.

I’m starting to let go of my preconceptions about coaching and my need to add value or be ‘right.’

Instead, I’m learning with the openness and mindset of a beginner.

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