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Self-paced course: How to stop caring what people think

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Are you the hero of your life or the victim?

If you’re stuck in a state of blame, you’re living within a very limited belief pattern that everything is happening to you. You’re continuously giving someone or something control over your emotional life – and losing your power.

No matter if it’s your boss, job, Covid, partner, or a parent, no one and nothing is responsible for how you feel except for you.

If you want to experience your life differently, you have to start thinking about it differently.

Take your power back by:

1. Releasing your defensiveness
2. Focusing on what you can control moving forward
3. Allowing others to think whatever they want

Pay special attention to how you’re viewing yourself. Show yourself compassion and treat yourself with encouragement and kindness; stop the self-criticism.

The best way to improve your emotional life and happiness is to practice steering your mind away from unhelpful thinking. It’s a habit worth practicing every day – think of it like a workout but for your mind. You’ve got this.

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