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About two years ago, I had a panic attack – called 911, thought I was dying, the whole thing.

I remember the EMT held my hand and said I was safe. I wanted a second opinion because I was sure I had a heart attack. They reassured me I was physically okay.

It turns out that although anxiety and panic attacks can feel terrible, they can’t hurt you.

Everyone feels anxiety. Our brain naturally produces it to keep us safe from perceived threats.

Anxiety is not the problem. It’s a normal part of being alive.

It’s our reaction to it that compounds our suffering.

I had developed a habit of feeling bad about feeling bad. I would resist, react, or avoid feeling anxious, but it was only a temporary fix. I was inadvertently making it worse.

To gain real control, I had to first accept and allow anxiety as a normal part of life.

It’s a skill you can learn.

You notice the feeling in your body. You breathe it in. You observe it without judgment.

Managing your emotions is one of the most important skills you can learn because our feelings drive every action we take.

I interrupted my anxiety cycle for good and refocused all that energy into creating a future I genuinely want, which includes helping other women do the same.

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