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I used to have a bad habit of comparing and despairing.

I’d see people and focus on what they have that I don’t.

Have I done enough? Am I enough?

I’m trying to explore this habit and my thoughts about myself from a place of compassion instead of resistance.

There’s real power in learning to accept all of you.

What if the things you dislike about yourself or are fighting are simply where you are right now? And what if that’s okay?

Remember what exists within you, exists within all of us – it’s just different degrees and variations.

I’m beginning to lean into my moments of comparison and ask how they can instead inspire and motivate me. I’m seeing more possibilities from people who used to trigger my insecurities. In the end, maybe my comparison habit could even be beneficial.

Self-love and acceptance is a moving entity, it’s always evolving and very personal.

I can help you stop judging and start accepting where you are, so you can decide to change (or not) from a place of peace and empowerment.

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