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I’m back from my ten-day trip to Guatemala, where I disconnected, tuned inward, and reflected on my life.

It was a powerful experience, and I wanted to share some key takeaways that may support you on your journey.

Let me know in the comments which ones resonate with you.

1. We are here to be ‘weird.’ You are unlike anyone else. Appreciate your distinct blueprint and keep aligning with your natural impulses.

2. We don’t have fixed identities. For example, I’m brave and independent, but not all the time. Life is more of a flow. Allow yourself to stretch and play in different directions. Be authentic to who you are in each moment.

3. Embrace the mystery of life. The world is always spontaneously rising; commit to meeting it fresh each day, with less judgment and more curiosity, because the reality is we know very little.

4. Own your desires. Always ask if there’s a more direct way to get what you want.

5. When you seek outside attention, it often means you’re craving inner appreciation. How can you appreciate where you are and what you’re feeling right now?

6. Life isn’t about how other people receive it; it’s about how you express it.

7. If you want to feel more creative and find your unique expression, stop repeating the familiar.

8. The heart wants the freedom to expand and vibrate – to feel more and more (including our ‘negative’ emotions).

9. When you start noticing your unhelpful patterns, it’s because you’re willing to move through them.

10. Keep widening your lens of the world. Expand the frame of how you’re viewing your life – beyond all your rules, attachments, and stories. Ask what else could be true? And awaken to a bigger story.

Remember that information without application is only data. If you want sustainable change, you must inhabit and apply the information you learn.

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